Walnut House

         Our hotel which has beautiful examples of old stone workmanship, opened it´s door to it´s guest in 1989.
         In the course of time, our hotel rooms were beautified and widened by the family members. Our family business consists of two buildings.
         When you get up, you can start the day with tasting fresh tomato and cucumber in our hotel`s backyard and then you can have traditional breakfast in our terrace accompanied by spectacular views. Also you can enjoy the view of fairy chimneys and start to day watching the balloons in the early morning.
         At the end of the tiring day, you can have a shower in your hotel room which has hot water 24 hours and you can enjoy the view by sitting in our terrace.
         In your hotel`s garden which has beautiful colorful flowers, you can read your book and you can drink your coffee after the tiring day. In this garden you can pick up walnut from walnut trees which has 25 years. And also the hotel`s name comes from this historical walnut tree.
         In our lobby which has traditional oriental corner and is decorated by a craftsman with furnitures made of walnut trees which has more than 200 years, you can pass wonderful time at all hours feeling comfort and tranquility. If you want to get culture, history, scenery, happiness, calmness and tranquility all in one in Cappadocia, you are in the right place. Do not for get here is your home in Turkey. This is a place where you can feel like you are in your home.